-Copywriting For Business Lawyers And Their Service Providers-By A Business Lawyer-

cases at every State and Federal level with the exception of the United States Supreme Court.  I know how lawyers think.  I know what they love.  And I know what keeps them up at night.  All of which allows me to help you get your message across in a way that pulls your legal prospects to you, whether its:

Case Studieswhich are in essence extended testimonials in which we'll show your prospects how your product or service solved a problem, created a benefit or enhanced profitability;

White Papers, in which we will use a more extensive, evidence based approach to demonstrating the unique value of your product or service;


​​Why? Because I've spent the past thirty five years practicing law in many diverse settings, from poverty law to corporate counsel and private practice. I've also been a consumer of legal services.  I've hired, and fired, lawyers.

I've represented poor, single mothers on the verge of eviction, counseled presidents of small and large corporations, and argued

Put three decades of persuasive writing to work for your next professional services copywriting project.  

Content copywriting for lawyers and professional services firms is my specialty. 

Lakeside Copywriting

Lakeside Copywriting-Content Copywriting For Lawyers

E-Newsletters and Email Copywriting, to keep your current customers, and prospects, apprised of helpful and/or time saving tips and advice, building trust and awareness, through facts and logic;

Articles,to be placed in trade magazines, to demonstrate your industry expertise; or

Speeches, for your executives and managers who want to grab their audiences and delight them with a wonderful experience, or drive home a business point in an engaging, memorable way.

B2B copywriting is a special form of writing that, done properly, requires deep research into the client,  prospect and industry.  This research allows a good copywriter to write direct, focused and engaging copy, targeting the benefits to be received by the prospect.  

And that's exactly what you can expect from me as your freelance copywriter if we decide to work together...Powerful copy that will engage and lead your prospect to your door, telephone or landing page.

Hand me the facts, allow me a bit of time to get to know you and your prospects/products/services, and I’ll take it from there.