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My clients tell me they appreciate my ability

to quickly take complex factual and legal

issues and distill the essential one or two

factors that will be decisive in the outcome

of a controversy.  You can find my law 

office website at www.vignalegal.com.

I knew copywriting was a discipline that

shared many of the properties of legal

advocacy (in a nutshell, getting someone to

hit the “Buy” button), but I also knew that

there were dimensions quite unique to


I'm Dave Vigna. I’m a freelance copywriter and the owner of Lakeside Copywriting.   I specialize in content copywriting for lawyers, and copywriting consultation for lawyers and their service providers.

For more than three decades I’ve been a business lawyer  researching, writing and persuading courts, clients and opposing counsel.  

And I’ve been successful at it.  I convinced all seven justices of the Michigan Supreme Court to overturn a complex commercial case and award a verdict in my client’s favor. 

My name is also on several published state and federal court opinions concerning important commercial and constitutional law issues.  

So I trained with American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), the world’s leading publisher of direct-response copywriting.   AWAI has, I believe, the best in-house and affiliated trainers, many of whom are recognized worldwide as the best in the business.  And I passed a rigorous examination to earn AWAI's "Verified" label.

I love to spend time with my family, including my wife, children and grandchildren.  I also love reading (a happy and absolutely critical prerequisite for good writing) and being active physically, especially playing ice hockey in a local mens league. 

We live most of the year on a lake in Michigan, but escape to Southwest Florida during much of Michigan’s winters, which are beautiful, but too long!

I’ll work hard to get your prospects to say yes. 

Let's get started!


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